Dear, my online buddy

In junior/senior high, although I had gameindo community and some mirc channel too, I never got a chance to attend those “online” gatherings because of the distances. I had the rocker and his girlfriend from Sumedang, the spongebob “Modjojo”, St_ind, super_rookie, kuma, etc. Even I got friends from Dubai and Brazil too. Again, distances.

I wonder if I can do that now. I got some new “online” acquintances that keep contact with me from wordpress; Master Photography “dontorro”, the illustrator Citra WH from Solo —  that have been moved to Papua for some occasion, and also Asopusitemus & Amanda that showed up from out of no where to greet me in their own way. Let’s exclude my own college/school friends that I’ve met everyday.

Oh, dear online buddy, I wonder if we can do some gatherings sometime?


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