PHP Samples to use LDAP

All thanks to this blog here Samples If you are tested it on local ; If you are a Windows user, this is a common error when you use XAMPP since LDAP is not enabled by default. You can follow this steps to make sure LDAP works in your XAMPP: [Your Drive]:\xampp\php\php.ini: In this file uncomment the following line: extension=php_ldap.dll Move the file: libsasl.dll,…

The Day

Demi masa sesungguhnya manusia kerugian Melainkan yang beriman dan beramal sholeh Demi masa sesungguhnya manusia kerugian Melainkan nasehat kepada kebenaran dan kesabaran Gunakan kesempatan yang masih diberi moga kita takkan menyesal Masa usia kita jangan disiakan kerna ia takkan kembali Ingat lima perkara sebelum lima perkara Sihat sebelum sakit Muda sebelum tua Kaya sebelum miskin…

H-4: Little prep

Meticulous plan dan sedikit surprise nggak berbahaya lah ya. Kostmate pernah ngasih saran supaya jadi orang yg lebih flexible sih. Well that is what makes me who I am.

H-5 : For what reason?

Expectation sometimes betrays you. But Allah always gives us the best plan ahead for us. So let’s stick again for what purpose and what reason you go all through that? Ikhtiyar in progress. Pray, keep in touch. At last, lillahita’ala. Whatever the outcomes, just believe and take a leap of faith.

H-6 : Semua diawali kejujuran

Nervous. Cari masukan sana sini. Hingga dapet chat ini dari temen yang menenangkan hati. A: Huwooooo A: Be yor self, tulus dan tenang A: Setiap kebaikan diawali dg kejujuran bro A: Allah bantu pasti, you must believe that

H-7 : Ikhtiyar

Dua lebaran terlampaui dan dua cibiran yang mengena dihati. Banyak berdoa, dan banyak meminta. Tapi pertanyaannya apakah kamu sudah berusaha. Satu mbah om saya, satu lagi mbah tante saya. Gak pernah nanya pertanyaan klise seperti kebanyakan orang bertanya “kapan?”, melainkan “apakah sudah ber-ikhtiyar?”

7th Project CC : Research Your Topic

hmm.. everybody must loves chocolate. Do you like chocolate? What is your favorite chocolate? It transcends between man and woman. It symbolize love and it felt so mellifluous. I believe some of you regard chocolate as premium cookies. Although now there are several grades quality of chocolate. Recently I feel that chocolate is so abundant,…


People around us come and go. Loves, friends, money, and time are the same. They got to you and become your memories. Some were beautiful one and the others were painful one. There are no absolute things in the world. My manager said to me that maybe our thought is wrong. Why we are created…

6th CC Project : Evaluation

So I have delivered this project this week. And the performance was average. I believe I could give it more. Good points: Good opening as always Better speech structure Good use of several kind of vocal varieties Better conclusion Finish before the time limit Can be improved Constant use of vocal variety Unnecessarily re-mention the…

BPEL Metrics (backdoor)

repost from here *** Background: One of my client requirement is to pull BPEL stats without using Standard OEM services, so did some analysis to meet those requirements. Analysis details: (In my next post, I can/will provide some inputs to extract/trap OSB based metrics.  Stay tuned.. What are all the BPEL process statuses we should…

Purge instances in Oracle SOA 11G from Java Client

Originally posted on My Tech Blog:
There are many strategies to managing how to purge oracle soa 11G instances. Now In this post we will see how to purge Oracle SOA 11G instances from Simple Java Class. Jars Required : 1. fabric-common.jar ($ORACLE_HOMEoracle_commonmodulesoracle.fabriccommon_11.1.1) 2. fabric-runtime.jar ($ORACLE_HOMEOracle_SOAsoamodulesoracle.soa.fabric_11.1.1) 3. soa-infra-mgmt.jar ($ORACLE_HOMEoracle_commonsoamodulesoracle.soa.mgmt_11.1.1) 4. wlfullclient.jar ($ORACLE_HOMEwlserver_10.3serverlib) Java class to…

Composite Instance States in Oracle SOA 11G Processes

Originally posted on My Tech Blog:
When we are troubleshooting purging soa composites instances or during performance testing of soa composite processes , to understand how many instances are getting Completed , how may instances got faulted ,how how many instances went to NonRecoverable states and etc…. , we can run the below query to…


After I tried online yoga several times since I started several months ago, finally I can bend my body to be like this. A clumsy one, but whatever.. Lol


Restart over. Do y’know? even after apocalypse there’s a light in it. I’ve been troubled by it these past months. It took courage to confess something as big as that even in awkwardly way. It distracted me a lot to the state I could not work productively. But finally I got free of it and…

Collection of Indonesia AFF U-18 Matches

It was the best Indonesia team I’ve ever watched. Although they only won 3rd place, but this team will be carved into our memory. Our future football is so bright. *** Indonesia vs Phillipines (9-0) – Group Stage Indonesia vs Vietnam (0-3) Group Stage   Indonesia vs Myanmar (4-1) Group Stage   Indonesia vs Brunei…

6th CC Project : Your Voice, Your Mind

To be able to speak in front all of you like today, for me, it is such a miracle. Why? I am actually an introvert and a shy person. To be able to speak freely to other people was a limited chances for me. I chose to study or play game that were not group…


Suddenly I want to write this. I acknowledge myself as jack of all trades. Able to do many things but master of nothing. One day, I drew a picture of my ex, out of the blue in front of her. I scratched the A4 paper with mechanic pencil. It took approximately an hour to complete…

5th CC Project: Mountain of Lesson

Some people said that traveling waste your time and your money. Not necessarily wrong, but it is not fair if you look that statement one sided financially or efficiently. I would like to tell you a short story about one of my journey that change my view about traveling. In 2015, I hiked Mount Rinjani,…

Clean Bandit – Rather be

Even for two hours. I’d rather be here to be with you because I’ll spend another 17 hours without seeing you tomorrow and the day after.. *** We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be I would…

Point of No Return

What happened in the past is already there. Actions you did two seconds ago, a month ago, a year ago, and a decade ago are already there. Those things are what define you. Now, it’s time for doing the future. Let’s commit and stay in the course. Whatever will be, will be.

Send to multiple recipients SMTP through OSB

Problem: Sending Email from OSB to multiple recipients Solution If that String contains a comma separated list of email-addresses, it will send emails to each of the adresses in that list. For example: To:,


Knowing the fact several days ago, I choose to back away. It is painful to bear around the dragon. Its beak claws away this vulnerable body of mine. The more I try to look away the more beautiful it is when the chance come. Distracted. As people said technology bring people at the distance closer….


I joined toastmasters this March. I have been asked to join it several years ago when I was a trainee, but at that time I thought it was such an extravagant meeting which attended by such elites. But soon after I needed a place to learn English well, I remembered that club. My friend, Ragil…


So, still 3 days to go. Teera-missu. I should go to the closest harvest to consume a sweet cake.

Strawberry Nose

X : I do not like the shape of my nose Y : Why? I think it is good and beautiful in its own way. You picked a good nose at birth. Strawberry shape one… Red blushing strawberry nose

FF Table Tennis

I call it fast forward or FF. I have told this in a post a while ago that I have “an ability” to gain a sudden proficiency in something after I do not play or do that something for a while. This time, it was table tennis. Friday night at work, I played with my…

Quality Time

Old Joke says, Young ones have no money but resourceful at time and energy. Old ones have no energy left to spend the time and money they own. And growns up ones have enough money and a bit of energy.. but have less time to spend those. Finally I reach the stage of growns up….