Rename Channel/program on LG Smart TV

It seems useless tutorial, but I can’t find it anywhere. Let’s be straight.

After you did auto tuning using: setting > programmes > programme tuning > auto tuning

It’s so much strange that the option to rename channel is not on programme manager. So program manager can only to lock/unlock, skip/restore, and delete. Also you can set favorites. But how about renaming channel?

It’s on: setting > programmes > programme tuning > manual tuning > Antenne DTV/TV

Et voila the option to change the name is there. Edit. And don’t forget to store. Well it’s a hassle to set it one by one manually.

There’s many videos to edit it using some apps like chansort. But, if you prefer it in a primitive way. This is the way (Mandalorian style)

And we met

Hmm. Ada yang sedih habis kepoin blog saya. Entah apa yang dipikirkan pada saat melihat blog ini. Mungkin rasa yang pernah ada? Joking aside, akhirnya saya janji mau buat postingan buat si dia. Iya, ini postingan tentang kamu. Tapi singkat aja ya.

Ikhtiar. Doa. Ikhtiar. Doa. Ya begitulah yang terus saya lakukan selama ini. Dua ratus dua puluh satu hari yang lalu, kita melakukan kontak pertama di Bumi. Sebuah tanda hati. Dan kita bercerita. Tapi tidak berekspektasi apa-apa sih.

Karena lelah berlama-lama dan biar gak terlalu lama kalau kecewa, akhirnya dua puluh satu hari kemudian kita memutuskan untuk bersua. Kamu yang nggak peka sama mana selatan dan utara, di salah satu mal ibukota. Akhirnya dengan sumringahnya menyapa.

and finally we’ve met.

Error while submitting manuscript in EDAS

So, if you want to submit a publication, sometimes you need to manage your registration using EDAS. This was my experience while upload the manuscript.

A PDF font is not embedded

So after I upload there were two errors, and the crucial one was about the embedded font. At that time I did not know why it happened. I have used IEEE format and there was no changes in format at all.

EDAS faq showed me this picture but I am not used to Latex but Word. So after googled it, and I’ve found the solution here

When you save as PDF, click the option and make sure to tick PDF/A compliant.

So that the error disappeared. Et voila!

External links not allowed

So the first error was gone, but I had other warnings there. So the solution for that can be done by using this step from this article.

After I reuploaded it, et voila. The warning had been cleared. Hope it helps, and wish you success at conference!

Associate Rule Mining using Orange

ARM have been one of the data mining technique that is frequently used in data science. Orange is one of the free tools to help you mining association rule.

After you install orange. First, you need to install add-on that support ARM. You can go to Options > add-ons.

Second, prepare your data into basket. (This is the most important part, I can’t find any references in documentation or stackoverflow about its data format). Make sure you have preprocessed the data.


Save this file into latihan.basket

Third, Import latihan.basket into file.

Finally you can add Associate and frequent-item widget as you like. Set and adjust the parameter as you needed.

Hope it helps.
NB: I use Orange 3.23.1 when I write this.

Pathways 3.1 Successful Collaboration: Collaborating in Self Directed Team

“A, please do this tomorrow according to the plan. B, please draft a list of invited guests.”

That is a situation that usually happen in my workplace. It’s hierarchical and it’s usually have some leader, for example a manager or a senior manager. What if you are in a situation when there is a team but there is nobody to direct you? This is my experience of colloaborating in self directed team.

The situation is happened in my master degree study. We needed to create a group that solve a problem to be tackled on. Although it was only one of the project in my master degree but it was my first experience to collaborate in self directed scrum. There is a method called scrum. Here I won’t focus on the content of the project of the scrum itself but what I learn about collaborating in self directed team.

How it works?
How can we make it a successful collaboration?
Maybe you can learn from it : Just remember GRC!

First we set up or get to know the goals. What we want to create and achieve. Why it is important? There was a case when we got into conflict when there are 2 opinions between our team members. Then we reflected our opinions whether those options were still aligned with

Second we define or get to know the roles. We tried to get to know each other so that we know what is the strengths and the weakness for each individuals. By getting to know each individual strength we can bring ourselves to collaborate to gain individual. Also by knowing our roles we can feel contributed and responsible for a thing. It avoid social loafing. In this project for example, we have member who excels in analysis, programming, and designing. We can understand with whom to ask advice for.

Third, have a frequent communication. In Scrum a team need to discuss every day! although it was not necessarily to attend offline, but it was suggested to have a 15 minutes of discussion. Let say. Hi, I’m Rizky. Today I will program module X. Yesterday I have trouble with YOU, please make it simple. This was the most challengin in self directed team. There was no leader. Everybody is a leader. Communication is the key.

The result of this collaboration was in 4 weeks we made a prototype of a travel marketplace. I learn many things in this collaboration.

  • Openness is rewarding. If nobody is open and give true opinion about the matter, then all the hidden problem will be hidden until it’s late. Fortunately when there was a conflict, Scrum team consists of different set of background and skills, so after combining several ideas together, usually a creative idea comes up.
  • A great way to come up a creative solution
  • Stick to the goals

Yes, that’s my experience in collaborating with self directed team. If you are worry how to make you productive, just remember GRC.

Set/have goals,
Have roles, and
get a frequent communications

Free space gmail storage

So my gmail storage has reached 15GB quota. I tried to delete some shared files in drive but it didn’t work. So the things that relevant to your drive quota are your own drive and also your gmail messages (which contain attachments). As stated in gmail help, you can free space the gmail storage using this step.

Deleting your messages (that have big attachments)

  1. Filter messages using: “has:attachment larger:30M” you can change the size as you like
  2. Delete messages that you want to delete
  3. The deleted messages will go to trash. Go to trash and delete it forever.

Make sure to backup important message, will you!

Hope it helps