It’s only the 10th but the temptation to stop running is much stronger. Coach do a rotational squad. Buy a competitive players to keep stay on fire. We need to keep searching woods to let the fire up. Motivation is something that we need to seek and use to achieve our goals. 1/3 Ramadhan. Let’s…


Khatm Alqur’an means a recitation of Alquran from the beginning until the end. Despite of all that many verses, it’s actually doable and many people achieve that. Since the last time I’ve done that (I forgot either when I was on high school or the 2nd year on college), I’ve failed numerous times to achieve…


So motivation can appear in any forms. Would it be temporary or would I make it consistently and istiqoma? Let’s don’t think about it and just do it. Happy upgrading yourself lads. This is the month when you get many chances to hijra’. Bismillah.


Life is so much uncertain. That’s what called either qada or qadr, right? (I forget which one lol). It’s been a long time that I have to wait with so much uncertainty in the edge of pond of goldfish. Waiting for certain person to come (or not) accompany the cold breeze evening wind. Worry and…

Useful Shortcut SQL Developer

1. Auto Completion Pop Up Ctr + Space Note: Please make sure Tools > Preferences > Code Editor > Completion Insight is properly configured. And also please make sure you connect/reconnect before you do that. 2. Comment single/multiple line with — Ctr + / 3. Auto Formatting Ctr + F7 4. … others waiting


Sorry my Blue/Green alma suits. No offense. But my magister degree will be under yellow banner now. For the better me and people around me.


That spark that I’ve lost since last year. I’ve got it back. They say your prayers is not accomplished so that you will be given the best for you. I may be not the expert of anything. Jack of all trades. But I can offer you hard work if being stimulated by the right motivation….

La Tahzan

To The Unspoken Senior, I know the things happened was so tragic. But, La Tahzan. Everything happens for a reason. Allah, One Who Knows Everything. Do not Give up. Do not lose hope. Bismillah. I pray so that you can be strong, and bless with better destiny.

XPath ~ Notes

Sometimes I forget how to phrase the Xpath. These are some scribbles about xpath. Sample of XML Code <root xmlns:foo=”http://www.foo.org/&#8221; xmlns:bar=”http://www.bar.org”&gt; <actors> <actor id=”1″>Christian Bale</actor> <actor id=”2″>Liam Neeson</actor> <actor id=”3″>Michael Caine</actor> </actors> <foo:singers> <foo:singer id=”4″>Tom Waits</foo:singer> <foo:singer id=”5″>B.B. King</foo:singer> <foo:singer id=”6″>Ray Charles</foo:singer> </foo:singers> </root> And then, these are some samples how to query them. 1….

Splunk Start ~ Permission denied

Well, I’ve found this error again, and I forget to write down the workaround. So this error is found when you try to execute ./splunk start or status: Cannot initialize: /opt/splunk/etc/apps/launcher/metadata/local.meta: Permission denied (and other similar errors) The cause of this is actually silly: when we first installed the splunk agent, the developer use the…

Set Xms Xmx AdminServer Weblogic

I’ve just found out that “server start” configuration of AdminServer in weblogic  is not applied even after restart. So I need to set it on setDomainEnv.sh /u01/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/myDomain/bin/setDomainEnv.sh XENGINE_DIR=”${SOA_ORACLE_HOME}/soa/thirdparty/edifecs/XEngine” DEFAULT_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms512m -Xmx1024m” #PORT_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms768m -Xmx1536m” PORT_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms2048m -Xmx8192m” And then restart the AdminServer. Finally, it will be shown when you do “ps -ef | grep java” the new xms…

[SOLVED] Embedded LDAP error

There’s a log from AdminServer.out something like this : ####<Dec 12, 2015 12:17:00 PM CST> <Error> <myserver.example.edu> <my_admin> <VDE Replication Thread> <<anonymous>> <> <e412251de17330a1:535cadc6:151c23028bb:-8000-0000000000000007> <1450662420044> <BEA-000000> <Error reading changelog entry#: 0> And it repeated forever. Until it consumed 7 rotated files (total 20 GB per file). So after googled it for a while, I found…

[Solved] Testing JSR-160 Runtime … failed

I came accross below error while creating a connection to weblogic server in jdeveloper, in the test page of the connection wizard : Testing JSR-160 Runtime … failed. Cannot establish connection. Testing JSR-160 DomainRuntime … skipped. Testing JSR-88 … skipped. Testing JSR-88-LOCAL … skipped. Testing JNDI … skipped. Testing JSR-160 Edit … skipped. Testing HTTP ……

[SOLVED] Could not create the Java virtual machine.

I was using JDEV and when I wanted to compile the project it show this error : Build was not successful, and it is said that I needed to look at the log, and the log show this error : Could not create the Java virtual machine. So after google it, I need to…

9th CC (Real) Project : Don’t Throw, Keep it

  As you know, we are currently on rainy season and unfortunately there has been a tropical cyclone dahlia in Southwest Indian Ocean since November 2017. It is said that this is the first cycle of that cyclone in 2017-2018. Pacitan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Jakarta has been hit by flood. Well, even there was no cyclone,…

9th CC Project : Point of View

I’m a pacifista. One kind of man who I hate most. And this project really make me wonder how I can overcome my weakness. I wonder what I fear most about conflict. Most of it maybe because I’m too lazy to argue and to push my idea into other people. Why can we both have…

8th Project CC : Oda and Prince of China (Visual Aids)

I really love reading! Who does not? Well a lot my friends prefer watching movies, listening music rather than reading. But I am a hardcore visual person, so it is only make sense if I love reading. Since I was kid I read a lot of books. My Holy Quran, Anecdote, Comics, children books, traditional…

H+15 : Trust His Plan

If that went through, would it became something good? If that never happened, would it be better? As Dinesh’s mom said last thursday, do not win because if you win will stop learning. Maybe if you lose you will learn something about it. Maybe you do not connect enough. Pray. Ikhtiyar. Trust His Plan

Toastmasters Join Session

Last night, Our District 87 (Area J2) held a join meeting between Telkom, Innovators, and Jakarta Lions Toastmasters Club last night (23rd November 2017). It was edifying experience for me, because Innovators TMC was really prepared for everything. The meeting itself was the same. After the opening and some role had been explained, it was…

PHP Samples to use LDAP

All thanks to this blog here Samples If you are tested it on local ; If you are a Windows user, this is a common error when you use XAMPP since LDAP is not enabled by default. You can follow this steps to make sure LDAP works in your XAMPP: [Your Drive]:\xampp\php\php.ini: In this file uncomment the following line: extension=php_ldap.dll Move the file: libsasl.dll,…

The Day

Demi masa sesungguhnya manusia kerugian Melainkan yang beriman dan beramal sholeh Demi masa sesungguhnya manusia kerugian Melainkan nasehat kepada kebenaran dan kesabaran Gunakan kesempatan yang masih diberi moga kita takkan menyesal Masa usia kita jangan disiakan kerna ia takkan kembali Ingat lima perkara sebelum lima perkara Sihat sebelum sakit Muda sebelum tua Kaya sebelum miskin…

H-4: Little prep

Meticulous plan dan sedikit surprise nggak berbahaya lah ya. Kostmate pernah ngasih saran supaya jadi orang yg lebih flexible sih. Well that is what makes me who I am.

H-5 : For what reason?

Expectation sometimes betrays you. But Allah always gives us the best plan ahead for us. So let’s stick again for what purpose and what reason you go all through that? Ikhtiyar in progress. Pray, keep in touch. At last, lillahita’ala. Whatever the outcomes, just believe and take a leap of faith.

H-6 : Semua diawali kejujuran

Nervous. Cari masukan sana sini. Hingga dapet chat ini dari temen yang menenangkan hati. A: Huwooooo A: Be yor self, tulus dan tenang A: Setiap kebaikan diawali dg kejujuran bro A: Allah bantu pasti, you must believe that

H-7 : Ikhtiyar

Dua lebaran terlampaui dan dua cibiran yang mengena dihati. Banyak berdoa, dan banyak meminta. Tapi pertanyaannya apakah kamu sudah berusaha. Satu mbah om saya, satu lagi mbah tante saya. Gak pernah nanya pertanyaan klise seperti kebanyakan orang bertanya “kapan?”, melainkan “apakah sudah ber-ikhtiyar?”