Repost : 10 most common problems for start up company in software development


Published January 12, 2012 in here

 Disclaimer : this article is made based on my single experience and opinion. Condition may not be applied to all start up in software development. Hope this can be a early warning for all of you to avoid these problems and to think about the solution before the real problem’s appeared.

1. Company run by only Informatics Engineering undergraduates who handle all sectors beyond the technical part such as, finance, human resource, management.

2. Developing application without framework and standard procedure that makes every project start from scratch.

3. Have no specialization and focus because software scope is too large to be covered all, like an ant in a football field.

4. Founders don’t have same vision.

5. Founders have same vision but also think in the same way, decide in the same way, and act in the same way, no conflict means no input to progress.

6. Technology push not market pull, creating something because “we can” not because “they need”

7. Creating software systems for others but have no software systems for their own sake. For example, creating project management system for others but internal project management is in mess.

8. Trapped in project cycle. More projects come -> add more human resources -> projects end -> more inactive human resources -> try to make a product to effectively use the human resource -> product still in development -> More projects come -> ……..

9. Have no mentor or having mentors but the bad one.

10. Creating an IT solution to improve a specific business process and acting like knowing everything in that aspect without really realizing how the business process works especially in non-technical area.

So, which one that suit you the most?


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  1. Cecile berkata:

    Tip 3 – Before you use each tool make sure that the appropriate amount of lubricant has
    been added before you use it. However if you do
    not need to bring it to another area then there is no need for a portable one.
    When purchasing this product, make sure that you search for the running horsepower instead of the peak horsepower at startup.

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