White Collar,

[2 x 07]

Mozzie : Mi casa es suit casa (my home is your home)

[2 x 08]

Peter : What if I never joined the FBI? What if 12 years ago I never met with the assistant manager in that art-gallery case? No, there are a lot of things in life than a nice view. Like having people in your life you care about. I don’t wanna imagine me without those people. I like the man I am.

Neal : Do what’s right

Peter : Yeah

[2 x 15]

Sara and Neal : bye

Sara : Are you really going this way?

Neal : Yeah

Sara : I hate that

Neal : Awkward goodbyes after you’ve already said goodbye?

Sare : Yeah

Neal : I’m gonna grab some coffe

Sara :  [chuckles] bye

[3 x 07]

Peter : How about if I take off your anklet?

Neal : That’d be great

Peter : Then we’ll see if Sara prefers conjugal visits

Neal : [chuckles]

Peter : Cause you’d be in a prison

Neal : As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t have to explain your jokes.

Peter : Yeah

[3 x 10]

Moz : I always thought ours would be a happy ending.

Neal : If you want a happey ending, it depends …

Moz :  … on where you stop the story. Yeah, Olson Welles.


[1 x 01]

Dr. Rosen: Gary is our transducer, which means that he can read a wide range of frequencies, including television, Wi-Fi, and cell phone transmissions…

Gary: Except for Nokia. It’s a different protocol.

How I Met Your Mother,

[Platinum Rule]

Barney : Never, never, never love thy neighbour/friends. You’ll have these phases.

  1. Attraction : step when one’s get attracted
  2. Bargaining : step when one start to admit
  3. Submission : step when the other give a chance to thou
  4. Perks : golden age
  5. Tipping Point : turning point
  6. Purgatory : when one realize that you have made a huge mistake, but you have to live with it
  7. Confrontation : when one start to confront with other
  8. Fallout : game is over

Ted : Maybe after those fallout there’s the last phase. Co-Existence : not every platinum rules reach this stage, it’s the co existence, when these people can awkwardly still being together

[ Graduation Goggles ]

Robin : The point is you can’t trust graduation goggles. They are just as misleading as beer goggles, bridesmaid goggles and that’s just a bulky outdated cell phone in his front pocket goggles

[Cheerleader effect]

Barney : Cheerleader effect is when a group of woman seems hot but only as a group. Just like with the cheerleaders


Narrator : you may think that your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it at someone’s face, but there’s the third option, you can just let it go


Ted : Long story. Bottom line, I realized that sometimes love means taking a step back.
Robin : Well, not always. I mean, sometimes it’s better to interfere and sabotage stuff, right?
Ted : Well, I think if you care about somebody, you should want them to be happy, even if you wind up being left out.
Robin : Wow. The lesson you learned with Lily and Marshall is directly applicable to my situation…



Rachel : Being a foodie doesn’t mean to be exclusively eat anything. That’s mean we should be brave to try anything


Harvey : First impression last. When I first work here, I diligently do my work, and now? People do not ask me question even I come here late

Spiderman 1,

Grand Father : In great power comes great responsibility


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  1. Citra W. Hapsari berkata:

    waww…i’ve been inspiring by read this..i mean inspired to write down all inspiring words in movies,he,in many ways i love movies by its motivational dialogue..

    voila rizky,..

    1. Rizky berkata:

      hayo voila emang artinya apa? Heyo, apa kabar?

    2. Citra W. Hapsari berkata:

      haha,enggak tau…
      udah di jawa lagi,hee..
      gudluck! 🙂

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