There’s some figures that I love to watch and to learn. Let me tell about some of them.

::My Dad

My dad is my hero. He build this family, work hard, love us hard, and do anything to make us happy, wise, and mature. He does not want to show his weakness. So typical, but I do love him. He does not judge. He make us to work well. He has retired now, but keep giving us good influences.

::My Mom

My mom is always being the most supportive person on our lives. Love us with her unique ways.

::The Sisters

Each of them really has their own way to do with their lives. I always have a thought to collaborate with them build our company. But not right now.

::Other Local figures

  • Soekarno, with his all comrades give us our independence day. Do not fear other nation and have an idealism.
  • Hatta, with his idea and his idealism.
  • Habibie, came up with great ideas. Unfortunately, this country condition at that time was so bad.
  • SBY, although he was criticized because of his slow progress, but I have respect for the balance he brought all these years. He put many capable minister that brought balance to this country. He has charm that make people around him listen.
  • Sri Mulyani, the key figure that make our economic growth become so invulnerable up to this day
  • Fadel Muhammad, a figure that concrete, wise, has charm, and a leader. Ex-Gorontalo Governor that became Minister of “Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan (KKP)”. I believe he can lead Indonesia to be a great country.
  • Joko Widodo, Mayor of Solo. A businessman. He is low profile. Without any boasts, he reform Solo to be a model city.
  • Budi Raharjo. He is my lecturer. He has many great ideas. He is unique. Believe it or not, in my family there’s two generation that taught by him, my dad and me. My blog writing hobby is inspired by him.

::Other foreign figures

  • Prophet Muhammad SAW. He show us how to be a good man. Bring us light. Teacher. Leader. Model. The last prophet.
  • Ahmadinejad and Ayatullah Khomeini. They both pillar of Republic Iran today. I give them credits to stand against west influences. Why american, israel, european can develop nuclear even for weapon, but no for us although it’s for our supply?
  • Dan Brown, JK Rowling, and Agatha Christie. They are great novelist with their own specialty.
  • Steve Jobs, Bill gates, and Mark Zuckerberg.  I learn a lot about how they build their own kingdom with their own unique ways.

I’ll update this page later 🙂


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  1. ceetrul berkata:

    wuahhh,jd pengen ngelist ginian juga nihh…

    eh,caranya ngisi ‘tautan kemari’ ke dashbor temen tu gmn si…hehehee.. ❓

  2. rizky berkata:

    “‘tautan kemari’ ke dashbor temen”
    yg dimaksud apa ya?

    nambahin link temen ke dashboard kita?

  3. ceetrul berkata:

    aduh apa ya,..dashbor sy bhs indo je,..pokoknya letaknya dibawah komentar itu,,..
    yang isinya wodpress melakukan query itu tu…apaan y

  4. rizky berkata:

    oh yang itu ya, harusnya kalau orang lain di postingan blognya nulis tautan menuju blog citrul bakalan nambah ke situ.

    “Incoming Links” is a list of:
    Sites linking directly to your site

  5. ceetrul berkata:

    trus caranya biar kita bisa menautkan temen gimana???hehehee

  6. rizky berkata:

    ealah, maksutnya citra supaya blog temen bisa ketulis disitu biar kita gampang aksesnya?

    ya nggak gitu ceritanya cit..
    “tautan kemari” tuh daftar postingan orang yang di dalam postingannya menuliskan tautan ke blog wp kita. Atau yang citra maksud Subscription/langganan?

  7. ceetrul berkata:

    nah.yg pertama itu…cs pernah ada ‘tautan kemari’ dari give up is not awesome di dashborq gt…nah gmn tu caranya

  8. rizky berkata:

    Coba cek

    ada bagian “ini ngutip dari sini, lumayan buat bikin kita semangat”

    sesuai etika nulis blog kalo ngutip orang harus ngutip sumbernya, jadinya “SINI” nya kukasih tautan ke wp citra. Makanya postingan itu secara otomatis masuk ke “tautan kemari” citra.

  9. ceetrul berkata:

    enggak,bukan itu kok,itu kan cm tulisan yg dikash link…huft,susah amat neranginnya..bingung aq

  10. ceetrul berkata:

    itu lho,widget query ato apa itu lho…tp letaknya bkn di apperance,tp dashbor

  11. rizky berkata:

    baiklah, saya benar-benar nggak mudeng sama yg dimaksud, hehe.. coba kirim screenshootnya aja gimana? suka buka ym? share gambar screenshootnya disana, ym: qmail_madrid

  12. ceetrul berkata:

    ym ya…hadew,..sinyali desa timbul tenggelam,…ymny baru bisa klo jaringannya full…

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