Some random thoughts of mine…..

Let's meet my friend and weapon, acre the acer
And please meet her, the sexy Viviana Allegro
Love to eat, love to cook (that's special pancake)
Starting to like photography, je suis canonian!!
I do love women. So don't worry, I'm not a gay!
Walls Feast is the best ice cream 🙂
One of my passions : writing. The first novel of mine should be "Traumwelt". Even I've already made the cover hahaha...
Love to swim. Best thing to do to calm your self
Love to jump and smash the shuttlecock saying "Booo yaaah!!"
love to play this game, although I can't jump high and do proper spike. I'm the libero guy 🙂
Eat, Love, and Pray. It's a necessity of our life

2 Comments Add yours

  1. otidh berkata:

    Hahaha, baru mbaca gw yang ini, mantaplah kk satu ini.. Tambah satu lagi ky, suka ngigau… hehehe piss!

  2. rizky berkata:

    gw lebih prefer “can sleep everywhere” haha

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