Error while submitting manuscript in EDAS

So, if you want to submit a publication, sometimes you need to manage your registration using EDAS. This was my experience while upload the manuscript.

A PDF font is not embedded

So after I upload there were two errors, and the crucial one was about the embedded font. At that time I did not know why it happened. I have used IEEE format and there was no changes in format at all.

EDAS faq showed me this picture but I am not used to Latex but Word. So after googled it, and I’ve found the solution here

When you save as PDF, click the option and make sure to tick PDF/A compliant.

So that the error disappeared. Et voila!

External links not allowed

So the first error was gone, but I had other warnings there. So the solution for that can be done by using this step from this article.

After I reuploaded it, et voila. The warning had been cleared. Hope it helps, and wish you success at conference!

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