Khatm Alqur’an means a recitation of Alquran from the beginning until the end. Despite of all that many verses, it’s actually doable and many people achieve that.

Since the last time I’ve done that (I forgot either when I was on high school or the 2nd year on college), I’ve failed numerous times to achieve that. Either I abandoned it and wanted to restart from the verfy beginning or I forgot which part should I continue.

It’s easy but you need to be istiqoma. Then later I’ve got a mentor (liqa’) and it was being said that khatm Alquran is a blessing from Allah. And without His permit we won’t achieve it. It’s similar with memorizing the verse. It’s also His blessing.

I’ve got goosebump thinking about it. How come in those years I’ve never achieved it again in any Ramadhan. I thought because I was lazy. Or the time wouldn’t allow it. Maybe it’s because I didn’t try enough.

Have you khatm your Alquran recently? Bismillah. Ikhtiyar. And let’s be istiqoma.


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  1. otidh berkata:

    Semangat Ky! 🙂

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