9th CC (Real) Project : Don’t Throw, Keep it


As you know, we are currently on rainy season and unfortunately there has been a tropical cyclone dahlia in Southwest Indian Ocean since November 2017. It is said that this is the first cycle of that cyclone in 2017-2018. Pacitan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Jakarta has been hit by flood. Well, even there was no cyclone, some cities in Indonesia have bad drainage so that it is easily to get hit by flood around the river.

So, what have Government done to prevent that catastrophe? Does government either local or central corrupts our tax income?

Hmm… Do we really ask the right question? Maybe all this time we ask the wrong question after all.

So let’s think it up together. Why Jakarta got hit by flood every year?

  • Bad drainage system, checked
  • River width shrunk, checked
  • River load from the mountains is too big, checked
  • Climate anomaly, checked

All those checked list I believe is contributed by human — either it is group, government, or individual person.

Yes, we are human. Do we contribute to all those flood around us?

I am not a green piece activist or environmentalist, but my conscience make me do things like this.

(eating snack and then pretend to throw it to the floor but suddenly keep it to my pocket)

And I wonder how come I unconsciously do something like that. If I think up carefully there are actually 3 types of people in that situation :

  1. Eat and throw it
  2. Eat, keep it and look for the trash bin when you can

I believe this unconscious behavior comes from habit, and the habit is influenced by people’s environment (for example whether parents teach their children or whether their friend or neighborhood have the habit or not)

But it is never too late to start. Let’s stop ask government to change, but change from our self.

Don’t throw it, keep it!

9th CC Project : Point of View

I’m a pacifista. One kind of man who I hate most. And this project really make me wonder how I can overcome my weakness.

I wonder what I fear most about conflict. Most of it maybe because I’m too lazy to argue and to push my idea into other people. Why can we both have our own idea and respect each other?

Unfortunately most cases in life does not work like that. People collaborate. People crash into each other. Conflict happens.

2nd problem about this project is that I gradually become emotionless about things. I do not feel any urge to do anything anymore.

Regretting all the past I have wasted is useless. The thing I can do now is just do it.

RPG. Task. Challenge. Lyfe. Do not overthink. Just do it.

(Fyi, still do not know what the topic for the project though)