Restart over.

Do y’know? even after apocalypse there’s a light in it.

I’ve been troubled by it these past months. It took courage to confess something as big as that even in awkwardly way.

It distracted me a lot to the state I could not work productively. But finally I got free of it and as if it’s a blessing the upcoming week will be one of my important week of my life afterall. A really unpredictable and surprising timetable!!  Considering how suffer I was.

Allah always show you the best path for you if you have patience, pray, be grateful and keep trying. Alhamdulillah.




Randomly, why this post has a title of R?

Well, after living a whole 28 years and a few months of my life. I finally grasp a way to say R properly. Lol

I tried it several times, and it sounds right. Still can not do a long and humming rrrrrrrrr, but for a simple Indonesian or english words contain R I think I can do a lil bit.

The way I innovate to spell R since I was child actually sounds lika a real R. But the problem is when people do talk, they tend to look at each other mouth to understand words better. It is troublesome because the way I spell R with my mouth previously was superbly strange to the point people would recognize it as different letters.


Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny? – ArRahman