FF Table Tennis


I call it fast forward or FF. I have told this in a post a while ago that I have “an ability” to gain a sudden proficiency in something after I do not play or do that something for a while.

This time, it was table tennis.

Friday night at work, I played with my colleagues partner, he gave me a few instructions that made my techniques becoming sharply better. It had been okay before , but after applied these four instructions it was greater.

These were the four advices to do at table tennis :

  1.  The way to hold the bat. Newbies tend to grip the bat just like badminton. But for table tennis, you better grip it with “peace gesture”; point and middle fingers holding the outside bat meanwhile the others grip the stem of the bat.
  2. Anticipate the opponent. Before that night, I did not know the fact that skilled players always peeks at the opponent hand which is going to release the ball. At first, I doubted this advice because I did not believe the benefit of watching the trajectory of the ball. Well, it is not a trajectory of the ball that is going to be anticipated, but the handling is. The way you handling ball with bat in table tennis more dangerous than the other aspects. Speed is another different dangerous aspect. But after you know type of the handling ball of the opponent, either it is flat shot, spin shot, or backward spin shot, the others follow; speed, trajectory, or curled. So, peek your opponent hand every time the ball goes to your opponent.
  3. Right stance. All this time I apply badminton stance to table tennis. For a right handed player like me, the front foot will be my left foot, so that it will generates power when you need to shot high ball. But it is completely wrong according to my friend’s advice. You need to reverse the foot stance. If you are a right handed player you need to put your right foot in the front, with a bat-distance between the table and your body. Of course you can be flexible through the game, but start it with that stance.
  4. Finally, use your wrist rather than your arm. I think badminton also apply this. But because of my lack of proper training I usually use arm more rather than with the help of wrist. Strangely using the wrist the ball was more in control than before. Before I used my wrist, the ball gone everywhere — the ball tended to float up and not sunk. Also always hit the ball when it drops deeper.

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  1. otidh berkata:

    I also used to think that before. However I also notice that after a long break while we might gain a new proficiency, we might tend to lose our old proficiency as well. 😀

    1. Rizky berkata:

      Proficiency I refer here is about the techniques rather than the fitness of the body

      Quick example of this that many people experiences is driving skill. At first they only learn how to accelerate in straight way, and then to park the car, and so on. After a while, they do not forget how to do that, but gain more skills to do more, like drifting maybe and so on.

      Maybe what you refer is rustiness. Although your body get rusty, your body in my opinion still remember those skills.

      For most people, they gain more by gradually learning it. But for me, it happens after I do not do it for a while. It happens at any occasions; swimming, ride bicycle, badminton, and many more.

      Well, not all of things can be applied like that. If that actually happens, I’d be a nobel prize winner right now.

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