Notification Management

Slowly, gadget no longer our luxury lifestyle but primary need of our life. And it so happens that notification for daily application like messaging, mails, other apps disrupt our way of life. Wait, disrupt or disturb?

Aha, in my case and I believe most of people will agree that notification of apps become much much bother to you, to people. For me, I got it from Whatsapp, Telegram, Mail, IG, Path, Youtube, Games, etc. Others maybe have their own notification apps (let say slack, Line, Skype, their own company apps, and so on).

Current analysis found out that people check at least 215 times a day to check their gadget. Do you know that people need at least 10-15 minutes to gain focus, and only maintain its focus to 30 minutes (I’ve read it somewhere).

What if every minutes you get messages from strangers (because of work you’re forced into some random groups of work)? I think, and it happens now, that I won’t ever be focused again.. Well..

I’ve tried it once in a saturday (unfortunately on non working hour) that I promise that I won’t touch my phone at all. Well, it’s like a megalith era, with snacks and books. Not so bad actually, and it’s really refreshing. And beside doing reading book, I can work out and do much more in my saturday.

It’s a notification era. Notification should be a help to us, not to be a bother. I think it’s time to manage our notification, if you can (most apps now can customize your notification).

For better life!!


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