Set Data Source & DB Adapter Instance Connection


Env : weblogic 11g

I. Data Source

Weblogic Console > Left Menu > Source > Data Source > New
Things to consider :

  • Setup is it XA
  • URL better to use the TNS format
  • Tune your init/min/max connection after you create it

II. DB Adapter Instance Connection

Weblogic Console > Deployment > DBAdapter > Configuration > Outbound Connection Pool > New
Things to consider :

  • I prefer to edit directly on Plan.xml (you can look the path where is the plan.xml on tab overview)
  • if you’re using XA, you’ll need to set the XADataSourceName. If you’re not you need to set the DataSourceName
  • If it works normally, enter the empty row on XAdatasourcename/datasourcename then the input field will appear there, you can set the value, and ENTER. Save it. BUT, IF YOU ARE UNLUCKY, JUST EDIT IT MANUALLY

Setup Plan.xml Manually

What I notice is each instance database connection adapter is will generate two variable and two variable-assignment. At Least that 4 elements need to be created.

# Variable Part


# Variable Assignment Part



For Notes!


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