Kingdom 512


Yay! Finally it got out last night. Like an oase in the dessert busy day.


After two days of disappearance of Ousen from Retsubi city, Ousen and his trustworty men appear in a view sight of Gyou Old Capital city of Zhao. After realized that the city perfect as a base. Ousen make a win forumaltion strategy to conquer Gyou.

Ousen return to Retsubi to inform the war officers and set out all of the armies to Gyou.

Meanwhile, shocked with Ousen decision, Riboku command Kouchou General to take the empty Retsubi.

All out war that decide the future Zhao and Qin’s Dream of unification, will lie ahead. Presented by Ousen vs Riboku

So what strategy you’ll come up Ousen?


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