Tahura Juanda Trail 2017


I don’t know that run has a lot of meaning. In this run I learn a lot. Run is just like this life. You fall, you stand back, you run back, you look back, you step down, and run again. All of that need consistency and also goals.

I won’t ever believe that I’ll ever be reached the goal line. Maybe it’s exaggerating if you’re used to run well. For me, it’s hell, LOL.

In KM 6, my right foot got cramped on the road after slipped in slippery elevation. Luckily for me, in the spot where no medic and trail representative present, I’m blessed with many participant that helpful enough to relax my cramped foot.

  1. In life, study/train is important. Not even genius can across this vast of sea of life without train enough.
  2. You can run alone in this life. But we can also rely to others when there’s a trouble. We’re individual yet, social.

I thought my run is over. But people passed by me and encouraging me who walk strangely. And, actually I thought this was really over when my left foot got cramped too KM 7. Crap.. Well, suddenly my soundtrack got changed into this song “I’m not over” By Carolina Liar. Life is like that too. Suddenly you got motivated by strange things. Well not so randomly, as Allah will take care all of us, regardless who we are.

Ah doesn’t expect that running can be so meaningful.


PS. And I notice that it’s merrier to run with friends even though they’re far stronger than you.


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