Shingeki no Kyojin ~ Chap 89


Well, I’m not usually do this, but when I do it’s because of something hillarious happened in this mind f* blowing chapter.

I’m warning you what you about to see is a spoiler of chapter 89 of Shingeki no Kyojin, 2017 January release.

I’m warning you once again, you read it on your behalf. Spoiler alert.


There’s two things that mindblown in this chapter if you follow this manga carefully.

1. The fact is the titan that eat Eren mother (and step mother for Mikasa) in early chapter and Hannes (the oldman that close to Eren) in a pursuit of Eren Kidnapping are actually Dina Fritz. The first wife of Grisha Jaegar. The Royal Blood Family. We still don’t know whether it’s just made like that so it looked tragic or there’s some stronger cause — The Attack Titan before Grisha said that although Eldian will lose their memory after become a normal titan, Family, close neighborhood, or Friends will still remember them. Well, it’s too tragic. Maybe just maybe, Dina Fritz just miss her husband while she become a Titan. Also this memory hinted Eren about how to activate his Titan coordinate power.

2. Armin and Mikasa mystery. Can’t describe it hillariously…Just look at this..



Haha, for me it’s hillarious and crazy. Looking back far to chapter 1 ….


It can mean anything, right? There’s many discussion about it like whether :

a) With Coordinate Power of Titan, Eren pass down the memory to the far long time ago, so that the attack titan owner before Grisha remember about to save Armin and Mikasa. That means something bad will happen to both of them and to save them Eren pass the message to the century ago and it also passed down to Eren dream in chapter 1 (Eren felt sad but doesn’t remember what it was). Or it just meant that what Eren felt in the current timeline can be felt in the past timeline. What a twist.

b) It’s just a recursive without a base. Inception level story. The past is actualy link to the future, and it gets into the cycle. For example, Eren actually seen dream about what happen in the future to both Mikasa and Armin (in chapter 1), although he can’t remember what it was.

c) Let’s enjoy it.. and see what happen next month, boo yah!!


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