Adobe Premiere’s Keying

It’s too late to know this method, but it’s worth to start learning it. So basically keying in adobe premiere means masking in photoshop. For example you want to make the video transparent so that only the object masked is being shown on the video on top of another video.

So there are some keying method that note to follow :

  1. Ultra keying : It’s using video that the object is being shoot in front of green or blue chroma key. It’s a method that film maker always does : shoot some crazy scenes on top of green or blue background, so that they can replace the background with any other video. It’s depend so much on the video making. Using the keying itself on Adobe Premiere is easy.
  2. Track Matte / 4 point/8 point/16 point keying : Using this we can manually set how the masking is done. Of course you’ll need to be patiently set the motion and the shape of mask.

Well, well.. Let’s do some keying!


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