symbol lookup error: apt-get: undefined symbol:

For my own documentation I repost this stackoverflow. I’m using ubuntu 14.04 in this case.

Suddenly after I wrongly downgraded my libapt version, everytime we do the apt or apt-get it replied with symbol lookup error: apt-get: undefined symbol.

symbol lookup error: apt-get: undefined symbol: _ZN11CommandLine10GetCommandEPKNS_8DispatchEjPKPKc

Then how to resolved it :

Try this first :

sudo apt-get install --reinstall apt

I tried it myself, no risk to your system.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to get the package from

Choose the good one for your distribution. And install it with dpkg :

sudo dpkg -i apt_#version#.deb

Everything should work fine but I didn’t have tested this.

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