Create Your Own Stickers Set to Telegram

Telegram has became one of the chat messenger that most used in the world beside whatsapp, bbm, line, facebook messenger, etc. Built right away after Whatassp sold to facebook, Telegram has made much improvement of the new version of whatassp. For example, the introduction of bot, secret chat, and stickers. (Alsa they ensure the privacy of the chat content of its customer).

Well, let’s get to the point. How do you create your own stickers set. You need to chat privately with sticker bot @Stickers. This bot has several commands such as :

Hello, I’m the Sticker Bot! I can create sticker packs from pictures and give you some usage stats for your stickers. Use these commands to control me:
/newpack – create a new sticker pack
/addsticker – add a sticker to an existing pack
/delsticker – remove a sticker from an existing pack
/ordersticker – reorder stickers in a pack
/stats – get stats for a sticker
/top – get top stickers
/packstats – get stats for a sticker pack
/packtop – get sticker packs top
/cancel – cancel the current operation

After you start chatting to the bot privately you can do this steps.


Create several stickers on your own that has max dimension 512 x 512 pixels for each sticker.

The image file should be in PNG format with a transparent layer and must fit into a 512×512 square (one of the sides must be 512px and the other 512px or less).

NOTE: Please don’t upload images that are intellectual property of others.

Upload Your Own Sticker Set

1. Create your own sticker pack by using this command /newstickerpack

Create New Starter Pack
Create New Starter Pack

2. You’ll be offered to add new stickers right away. But you can add stickers later by this command


But alas, after you create your sticker pack, you can add sticker right away. Please remember how to do it :

First, you need to enter emoji (Emoji means smiley like smile, sad smiley, peace smiley, etc). I mistook it at first with the PNG. But later I understand that the command means emoji. After you enter the emoji, the bot will ask you to upload the PNG sticker (that has dimension max 512 x 512 pixels).

11-11-2015 8-52-51
Add New Sticker

If you want to add another one, just command /addsticker

You’ll be asked again to enter an emoji. Please just do it. And You’ll be asked again to upload another PNG that match the emoji. And so on until you finish.

You can add the sticker later by using this command /addsticker

Lastly, you can share your own sticker set to your friend or just use it to your friend or your telegram group.

My Sticker Set, SOAICON
My Sticker Set, SOAICON

It’s as easy as that. Do you use telegram as your chat messenger in your office? Wanna create your own sticker? I can help you make your telegram cute stickers, just contact me privately via twitter or mail 🙂

11-11-2015 9-10-23

NB. I still don’t know what is the maximum sticker allowed to be added per sticker set.


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