CentOS 6 : SSH Server refused our key


Gossh.. It delayed my works for almost two weeks until I figure it out today. The SSH key making works fine in ubuntu, but on CentOS, it somehow doesn’t works.

So I read this thread, that lead me to this thread, and found a solution from this known issues in CentOS 6. Thanks God, they invented google.

Resume :

If “Server refused our key” error while login with private key happens even after you copied the public key into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, then maybe it’s SELinux context issue.

when I tried to login using the private key, I got this:

Using username “root”.
Server refused our key
root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx‘s password:

Then login into that normally (using your root password), and try this before you attempt another login using private key :

/sbin/restorecon -r /root/.ssh

And just make it sure you’ve set ~/.ssh into 700 mode, and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys into 600 mode

chmod 700 /root/.ssh
chmod 600 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

They said :

Make sure that you setup correctly the selinux context of the public key if you transfer it to a CentOS 6 server with selinux enabled. Otherwise selinux might forbid access to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file and by matter of consequence key authentication will not work.

Hope it works with you.


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