Error XAMPP when starting apache server on Windows 10 : Port 80 in use PID 4

After upgrading to windows 10, my XAMPP suddenly didn’t work. From the error message it clearly showed that other service (with PID 4, its name is system) is using port 80.

After googled it, it happens that World Wide Web Publishing (some said it’s the IIS installed) uses port 80 after we upgrade to windows 10 (need confirmation about this).

So how to fix this? naturally we only need to disable the WWW publishing on windows 10.

  1. Right Click on Windows Menu, choose Computer Management
  2. Expand the services and Applications, and then choose services
  3. List of services will be shown on the middle panel. Look for “World Wide Web Publishing Service“, right click on it, and click properties.
  4. Click “Stop“, and OK
  5. It should works now. You can start apache service again on xampp.

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