Skip the font scanning process for SMPlayer

I’m disturbed with the scanning process everytime I start the SMPlayer apps. Even the apps is one of my favourite video player and the strongest one too, it has that problem that really bug me. So I searched the Gramps Google. And solved the problem. Et voile! Thanks Sokosensei… Excuse me for Reposted and Re-documented.


Lately I’ve been strugling with some issues with SMPlayer – each time I’ve launch it, it would scan the whole SYSTEM font directory… the fuck ?! …it takes forever with my huge font collection…

It have been driving me crazy. I still have newest episode of ‘Castle‘ to watch 😉

Well, I’ve been searching throught ‘Net to find solution… there were few, sadly none of them were working. So I’d like to save you time and give you my working one.

First of all, myths:

● launching SMPlayer with additional -nofontconfig option for MPlayer – DOES NOT WORK

● launching SMPlayer with additional -fontconfig 0 (zero) option for MPlayer – DOES NOT WORKeither

…and now the solution:

✔ Go to C:\Users\%CURRENT USER%\.smplayer\

✔ Find the smplayer.ini file and edit it (with Notepad)

How to disable font caching in SMPlayer 001c

✔ While you have active Notepad window press Ctrl+F (or Edit > Search) and type: fontconfig

✔ Set the value to ‘false

How to disable font caching in SMPlayer 002c

✔ Now set the rest like in the red frame below

How to disable font caching in SMPlayer 003c

✔ Exit and save changes

★ If you want you may set the file to ‘Read Only‘ to prevent future changes in the SMPlayer config

♥ enjoy.


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  1. SoKo-Sensei berkata:

    I’m glad that you find it usefull.

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