Exercise for your Butt :D


Lol, sounds creepy, but I’ve been looking for this kind of exercises for human butt 😀

I’ll look another exercise for waist, and overall body. Enjoy. Ah, I forgot, I reposted from here.




A combination of a stretching exercise and a squat, this simple yet effective move helps tone and burn fat while strengthening the body’s core, legs, and improving your balance. Easy to do and simple to add to any routine, the Plie is a must have for any butt toning routine. Spread your legs out wider than your shoulders and with your arms out to the side or in front of you, slowly lower into as low a squat as you can, hold it, then slowly stand back up.

#2 Ball and Wall Lean02

With a yoga ball at your back, lean against a wall. Be sure you keep your legs bent as if sitting in a chair. Lean back against the ball only enough to keep it from falling. Let your back and butt muscles keep you upright! The burn will be in your thighs and butt and over time, you will come to rely on your weight against the ball less and less and you will be able to keep yourself balanced on your own.

#3 Leg Raise


This move is done by lifting your legs up in front of you or by pulling your knee up to your chest one at a time. This strengthens the back and butt and also helps tone the legs and stomach all at the same time! The leg raise is also another great beginner exercise that can help strengthen and tone the butt and strengthen the back to get prepared for more intense routines.

#4 Bike Pedal


While laying on your back, support your head with your hands and lift your legs, pulling your knees to your chest one at a time as if you were riding a bike. Keep moving, with one knee up to your chest at all times as you alternate. This is a great routine that really tones the muscles and strengthens many target areas of the butt and back!

#5 Deep Lunge


Extending the normal lunge move into a deeper stretch this move strengthens and tones all areas of the butt as well as the thighs and back, which helps to support and keep the butt area toned and looking great. You will the effects and see the results with a toned and firm butt!

#6 Butt Lifts


Whether done on the floor or with a yoga or exercise ball, this simple exercise move targets the butt and helps build muscle and tone and is a very effective fat burning routine! Your comfort level and ability gauge how extreme this exercise can become and whether you use a yoga ball, the wall, weights, or other accessories.

#7 Squats


One of the oldest forms of butt toning exercises, the squat is still a staple in many people’s exercise routines. Targeting the butt, back, and legs it is a great multi-target exercise. Only a few reps are needed before you feel the effects and you can see results very quickly!

#8 Hips Extension


This exercise is done standing and involves lifting your leg either in front of you or behind you as far as you can. Sets and reps can easily be added into your normal routine and before you know it your butt is firmer and better looking than ever!

#9 Toe Tap


This toe-tap exercise seems simple enough- bend your legs and tap your toes on the ground, but be prepared for some major butt workout! It can also help target the back area, which also helps improve your butt’s tone. This is a great beginners exercise and is easy to build up from as you get stronger.

#10 Hip Lifts


Get the benefits of a toned and firm butt along with better looking thighs and a stronger back. This exercise is easy to do and can be done in as many reps and sets as needed to fit into your normal workout routine. Leg lifts and hold help target the harder to reach areas of the butt and the lower back.


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