Display broken website in IE 10


After you open some sites in IE 10, sometimes you’ll find some issues that happen to those sites. Usually some parts of the site will be broken. To support that issues, IE 10 has feature to adapt compatibility with previous browser (or other browser generally).

How to do that? Use Compatibility View Feature :

  1. Open that Site
  2. in the url bar, you’ll see a broken page icon
  3. Just click that icon, and then et voila.. your site will be temporarily repaired.

Why it only fix temporarily? Because in fact IE 10 still can’t open that site correctly. In other word, You just open your site from IE 9 or even IE 8. Maybe?

I’ll share other workaround, and it’s more probably more advanced than the previous method.

  1. Click F12
  2. Then Choose Internet Explorer Compatibility View




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  1. otidh berkata:

    Wow, so you now become IE user eh? 😀

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