5 things to do after you get your own android

Me version 1.0

Just imagine that you are a prehistoric man, then suddenly you find computer in the middle of jungle. What the hack is that? That’s my first impression grab my android phone.

This is what they called “new experience”.

Ok, so what’s my version of 5 things to do after get my own Android?

  1. Sign up my android phone to my google account. It’s a must!
  2. Rooting my Galaxy Mini 2. Root means I get full access to my android phone. Think it as run as administrator in Windows. Normally, android is setup for each device either it’s HTC, Sony, Samsung, etc. WARNING : Rooting your android phone mean you lose your phone guarantee!
  3. Install Application that need to rooted device. Yeah after got my phone rooted, I install some rooted app like Titanium backup and ROM Manager.
  4. Install Other Free Application from play.google.com/Android store . I installed some killing time-games, chat/social media app, some camera effect, office, etc.
  5. Think of upgrade to newer operating system. (Jelly beans)  << have not executed yet.

Really, getting started with android kind of geeky. I need one full night to get a grasp of what android can do. But once, you do, you can have fun with it. So what’s your “five things to do”?

Next, I’ll post some android articles…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Adit berkata:

    You missed “Install custom ROM”

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