Review Demo Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and Its Predecessor

Time is go on, but playing this particular game is go on no matter how old we are hahaha…

Review PES 2011

When I tested it the first time, my first impression is PES has revolved. From old vintage pass and shoot to unlimited realistic football game. Although in this version the possibilies seems to be overstatement. You can shoot the hardest in any impossible movement. So the pro in this version is the new breaktrough PES with its many possibilites, and the con is there are too many unrealistic movement. The Goalie also unstoppable. There are also a chip-in penalty kick that 100% will be go in. You’ll be frustated against those opponents.

The Master League is actually great. There are many options that please us. So that we imagine that in the future version there will be more other option to play with.

Review PES 2012

PES 2012 Intro Match

When 2012 went out. I was grateful that the goalie wasn’t a God Keeper anymore. They are beatable. That’s my first impression. The second impression? Their freekick below 30 meter are not 100% go in, unlike in 2011! BUT and a big BUT, finally I was disappointed : 2012 is much worse than 2011 in terms of AI and bugs.

You will be stressed out to play against AI. You cannot take ball from your AI opponent without the opponent getting free kick. The Goalie is so much dumb. Also the AI defence is foolish. The algorithm for getting the shortest player to the ball is also suck.

Lazy Players

If you pass to the other player, your passer won’t help you run forward. OR if you attack the opponent, you will wind your attacking player (winger, striker, AMF, etc in front of you) just stay put in their place.

NO. They are not lazy. Let’s say it not lazy, but the algorithm is just the way it is. They won’t move forward creating a space opportunity except you do one of this move :

# One-two pass. I think I won’t explain it.

# Click the right joy stick + direction.

There is manual control to let the player around you move. Unfortunately YOU HAVE TO MANUAL CONTROL TO LET THE OTHER PLAYER MOVE AND CREATING SPACE. There are two options in button setting : automatic or manual.

  • You set automatic if you want your directed player just run forward into the opposition goal. For example you click right joystick + bottom left. So that the bottom left player run direct forward into opposition.
  • You set manual if you want to control where the player go. When you set this you have to control two players. First the player holding the ball, second the player that need to go to.

Steal the ball from AI opponent

After googled it many times how to steal the ball from AI opponent, there are no elegant answer. The most pleasure answer is this :

Mastering the R2 and Patience.

While the opponent attack you, what you do is just hold R2 + X. This will hold your guarding defence to stick into the holding ball opponent. This will reduce the opponent option to run through you. If you handle your other defence player right (can be done by add pressure [] or the other way is to  patiently change the cursor everytime and made the opponent stalemate), It will help you better. Finally they (the opponent) are forced to just shoot blindly.

Be careful. If you do this and there are other AI opponent want to help the holding ball opponent (HBO) by passing by, HBO can pass or even get a through ball that usually ended to be a Goal. The other AI’s opponent trick in this situation is to feint your defence. But keep your stance, your R2 + X. Keep it so that the defence can steal the ball.

It will be boring and tiresome sometime. So you’ll be tempted to release the R2 everytime. Against human opponent we won’t charge fault if we just rushed to the opponent by holding (just) X. The ball will be stolen most of the time. But against AI, that option won’t work.

The other combination of  R2+X is this. Just call it Rizky Defence :p

While you lock your opponent with R2 + X. Keep your R2, and change cursor. Then you will have the last player keep locking the opponent AI, while you had another player that you can control (with pad/stick). You can repeat the process. If you are used to two players, you actually can manage it to swarm the AI opponent up to 3 defence players. Make it impossible for the AI opponent to passing each other. Be careful to their winger though.

I’m excited to hear that in 2013 there are better way to steal the ball 🙂

Our AI defence players will swarm the AI winger opponent that run with the ball.

Our AI Defence Players chase the dribbling winger like madness, left the box with only our outside full back or even nobody!!

Ah, this? I had no solution at all. When you use 4 defensive player formation (4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, etc) You will often find this situation. It’s a situation that you found your defence players chasing the opponent winger player that running with ball in the side. I illustrate I stick my mid winger player with R1+X, and then I add the pressure by push the [] button. BUT, by default for some strange reason the Centre Back also running into the side chasing the ball that impossible to reach. At the time the opponent winger swarmed, the penalty box have already empty, oh… there are opponent striker there though. So he just cross it left our swarming defence  saw that goal.

Possible it’s solved by using 3 defensive line just like the problem below.

Suck Defensive Line

When you lock X2 with O2, you often found your fullback suck at positioning (or maybe just bug). They form that red shape that superbly jinx our offside trap. So that the X2 can give through ball to X3 without trapped being offside.

The problem is illustrated by above picture. It will happen when you use the 4 defensive players formation, such as 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1, etc. The algorithm for the defensive line is very very wrong. Maybe some of you think that if you change the formation so that the full back (LB/RB) is moved a bit forward than the problem is solved. No, this strange defensive line will still happens.

I found it by myself that there are three satisfying solutions :

1. Manual offside trap

You can enable the offside trap, but it’s not enough. You can manually set the offside trap so that when the full backs in a bad shape. You can force the offside trap. (When you setting the movement with only pad, the left joystick will be able to do the shortcut like offside trap, swap player, and CB help with attack).

With this, at least your defensive line can be straight again. Be Careful. If you late to force the offside trap, the AI opponent sometime make a successfull through pass to the winger. In the illustration above, If you late to force the offside trap X2 can successfully through pass to X1. It will be a trouble because your full back has run forward, it will be far behind the winger to chase it..

2. Sit deep, just break your defensive line

If your full back really really and reaaaaally  at bad position. I will just break the defensive line. I will unlock the X2 and just run back to the penalty box. It will made the other defence also run into the penalty box. After that, just pray so that the Rizky Defence I described above works.

Similar to this solution, you can just set your formation with defensive line = 0 (Really really sit deep). It reduces the opportunity to find this problem.

3. Train yourself with 3 defensive player formation

Surprisingly the 3 centre back formation is really great! Just like Napoli, Udinese, Juventus, and Lazio in the Real World. The templates are 3-2-3-2, 3-1-4-2, and 3-2-2-3. I like the latter formation. It bring balance to the side and great defensive power. Also it allows us to launch a through pass into different channels.

Because of the issues of 4 defence players formations in 2012, it seems that the fullbacks is less useful for defence in that formation. So why don’t we use extra attacker rather than the vulnerable full backs if the 3 backs offer more stability?

We can have extra striker, midfielder, or defensive midfielder rather than less useful full backs. Experts say that 3 centre backs is more suitable against lone-striker opponent rather than 2 centre backs with 2 full backs.

The rest is depend on your tactic/formation. This formation need a dependable winger that has stamina, speed, and defensive ability to cover whole sides. It’s a classic formation that have been used several big teams in the past. In context of PES 2012, this formation won’t affected any at all by the strange defensive line I described above.

The weakness of this formation is of course the side of the pitch. If the opponent flood the tunnel(side of the pitch) with their players (whether it’s by formation or just the way opponent play), than the outside centre back will be forced to defend into the tunnels. When it happen the rest of centre backs will be to open and reluctant to attack. But if your centre backs is dependable (tall, strong, and has decent defensive tactic) then this problem is less a problem.





Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo

Ah, finally talk about this new exciting thing! They will be officially released at 21st September 2012 (Just a week before FIFA 2013 released >: ) hohoho).

Let’s described it what I experienced in PES 2013 demo into list :

  • The movement is much more realistic, softer, and lighter than PES 2012.
  • The defensive line is GREAT! No more strange shape.
  • The goalkeeper movement is smarter, but still defeatable.
  • We can flick the ball then control the ball as we want it.
  • One-on-one against opponent player is more interesting. We can nutmeg them! (Pass the ball through their feet, then we run pass him)
  • Yeah, there are more manual option. The newest manual is manual move. We can set the high of the shoot or they say…
  • Unlike PES 2012, the other player still make a run attempt to open the space. Well, you still can use the manual move if you want.
  • “The Rizky Defence” is not really working, because the defence itself is already better :p
  • The R2+X is not really necessary because there is already X+X. We can steal the ball using X+X. It’s genius. (BUT I think they should add the mechanism to defend against it)
  • Better graphic (more or less).
  • Fox Engine initialization(?)
  • Well…. another license-less PES just like before. Just wait and see for the patch :p

Let’s see some tricks in PES 2013.

So how about you?


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