Cristiano Ronaldo too sad to celebrate his goals

Cristiano Ronaldo did not celebrate either of his first two goals of the season in Real Madrid‘s 3-0 win against Granada (video of the first here). After the match he made it clear that he did this with purpose, but he also left a bit of mystery about it all as he refrained from getting too specific.

From Sky Sports:

Speaking to reporters after the match, Ronaldo explained he was feeling down and that it was due to a ‘professional’ rather than ‘personal’ issue.

“I don’t celebrate goals when I am feeling sad and that’s the case today,” said Ronaldo.

“The people who work here know why and I won’t say any more than that.”

Guillem Balague and AS later reported that Ronaldo told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that he wants to leave the club even though he contract runs until 2015. AS also claimed that Ronaldo cited trouble in the dressing room with his teammates as a reason for his displeasure. But what could be the problem? Here are several possibilities…

-Marcelo accidentally called him “Leo.”
-Xabi Alonso said that “anyone who doesn’t watch Breaking Bad is an idiot” and Cristiano does not watch Breaking Bad.
-Seeing Iker Casillas cry so many times has made him depressed.
-He’s worried that if Kaka leaves, they won’t be able to hang out on Real Madrid Resort Islandtogether.
-He just found out that Kaka doesn’t really exist and he is the only one who can see him.
-Luka Modric’s physical appearance is upsetting to him.
-He got really freaked out by Michael Essien calling Jose Mourinho “daddy.
-Karim Benzema asked if his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, will leave him for Andres Iniesta now.
-Jose Callejon said that Jose Callejon has the best hair on the team and didn’t realize Cristiano was standing right behind him the whole time.
-Ricardo Carvalho being tossed aside like a dead gold fish that is still very much alive.
-The rest of the team keeps asking him why he’s nice to Fabio Coentrao and they all roll their eyes when he says they’re friends.
Sergio Ramos said something Sergio Ramosy.
-Sergio Ramos offered to kick his favorite ball to him from across the training pitch, but ended up kicking it into the ocean instead.
-Sergio Ramos ate the sandwich his mom packed him for lunch 16 days in a row.
-Sergio Ramos accidentally erased all the songs on his iPod.
-Sergio Ramos accidentally adopted his son and renamed him “Herman Jr.”
-Sergio Ramos.

Haha. Sergio Ramos, no?

Another story why didn’t CR celebrate his victory… Because his father passed away in the same month since 2005 September… So it makes him sadness and unhappy all i heard this from the staff member of the Real Madrid Football Club! It’s so sad when he lost his Father 😦


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