Dirty little Notepad++ (Notepad Plus Plus)


For such an editor, notepad++ is really resourceful. Although, YES, it is not an IDE. And of course, it does not have GUI for desktop/web application. Yet, notepad++ strong enough to be a multi purpose editor.

Notepad ++ Plugins

How to install?

  1. Simply click Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager
  2. Select any plugin(s) you want to install.
  3. Restart your npp
  4. Done! Use it.

Right now I have 3-4 plugins installed in my notepad++. They are Compare, Explorer, and Hex Editor.

If you love to code and have a necessity to compare two identical documents you can use the compare plugins. Easy. Just make two files in two view, then compare :

  1. Open two files.
  2. Right click one of the files, choose “Move to other view”
  3. Click the menubar “Plugin” > Compare > Compare
  4. Then the comparation between two files will be shown.

What about explore plugin? It is just like window explorer but inside your npp. Convenient isn’t it?

Hex editor? For edit hex files.



Auto Completion

How to do?

Setting > Preferences > Backup/Auto-completion > Click “Enable Auto completion”

Don’t get your expectation so high. It is NOT an IDE!




There are many shortcut of course but I’ll write down some of them that I often used.

Common shortcut


  • (A) Select all
  • (C) Copy
  • (V) Paste
  • (F) Search
  • (H) Replace
  • (D) Duplicate Line
  • (T) Swap line with above
  • (Z) Undo
  • (Y) Redo

Comment //

  • Ctr + k ~ give comment
  • Ctr + Shf + k ~ remove comment

Opened Files Tab

  • Ctr+Tab ~ Change to previous opened tab
  • Ctr+Shf+Tab ~ Change to next opened tab


  • Tab ~ Give one indent
  • Shf+Tab ~ Remove one indent

Copy What You See What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Alt + Drag  ~ get the selected text according to what you select


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  1. otidh berkata:

    Beralih dari NetBeans ke notepad++ nih ceritanya? 😀

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