RIP Tyrion Lannister

♪ “And who are you,”
the proud lord said ♪

♪ “that I must bow
so low? ♪

♪ only a cat
of a different coat ♪

♪ that’s all the truth
I know ♪

♪ in a coat of gold
or a coat of red ♪

♪ a lion still
has claws ♪

♪ and mine are long
and sharp, My Lord ♪

♪ as long and sharp
as yours” ♪

♪ and so he spoke,
and so he spoke ♪

♪ that Lord of Castamere ♪

♪ but now the rains weep
o’ver his hall ♪

♪ with no one there
to hear ♪

♪ yes, now the rains weep
o’er his hall ♪

♪ and not a soul
to hear. ♪


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