White Snake SS88 vs Black Mamba Carbonex 9

I was lucky enough to try my new own first badminton racket before our last game in badminton club. Let’s meet him the white snake Li-ning Super Series 88.

For your info, Li-ning is from China while yonex is from Japan. Toulsen? Do not know, but one thing Toulsen is from European country. Most players from china use Li-ning, while most of us use yonex for a while. Danish, British player, and some european players use Toulsen.

I want to make some comparisons between my “white snake” SS88 Li-ning (white and blue racket) with my dad’s “Black Mamba” Carbonex 9 Yonex (Black and Green Racket).


S88 : Body SS88, string li-ning A26, grip yonex

Carbonex 9 : All carbonex 9 built in

Shape and size

Looking at li-ning racket at itself won’t be matter because it does not look different from any racket at all. BUT, after you compare it with any yonex you will find out the differeces.

First at all, if you look closely my SS88 is much taller about 2 cm.

Secondly, the bottom curve of SS88 is much more skinny and smaller than carbonex 9.

Then overall SS88 have really different shape from yonex carbonex 9. SS88 is more rectangular-ish while carbonex 9 is more oval-ish.


 Why choose Li-ning? My friends have li-ning on them. I tried it on several occasion. My assessment of those li-ning (SS68 and SS98) were that li-ning offer us more length (offer you different reach than carbonex). It also produce much power than carbonex 9. Although later I found out that one of those li-ning I tried use string Toulsen different from mine (li-ning A26).

White snake performances

At first trial, I felt that the SS88 did not produce any power at all. All my smash was missed. My backhand was crappy. My netting feeling was gone. My service was not accurate any more. Really different from my carbonex 9. In several times, I smashed the cock to my floor area just like my friends did in their first trial at li-ning.

I have tried SS88 sibling — SS98 — and I was getting used to the different shape of li-ning. BUT my SS88 was too different. I had feeling that it has its potential much better than carbonex 9. The repulsion from its hit was not strong as the SS98 or SS68 did. The string is really matter here of course. I set the string at 26 lbs.

I did not know what to do here. What is wrong? Then, I’ll try to relax a bit and not to rush the smash, the backhand, and other hit. I did it better. I tried to delay the hit for a milisec longer than what I did when I used my Carbonex 9. My clear shot often reached back court of opponent. Something that I rarely did with my carbonex 9!

I also noticed that my defend skill from opponent smash much better with SS88. I suspected the length of SS88 offers me bigger area than Carbonex 9. The returns were also better than Carbonex 9. Some returns reached back court that time.


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