Why dumped SLR and bought another simpler one?

Some people ask me this question all the time. Some of them judge me that I sold it because I couldn’t make good photograph from it. Not a wrong call though. There are another several reasons why I dumped her and bought another similar but cheaper one.

  1. Your judgement that I did not produce great photograph from it were not fully wrong. I’m bad at it actually. I need 10-15 photos for bracketing (I could not get the best photo setting just in 2-5 photo’s bracketing). Could not get the best composition. Lack of creativity. Lack of human interest sense. Yada, yada, yada…
  2. I love photography since KP at telkom with Jiwo (who bring his SLR with him). We do not have a sin loving some legal hobby such as photography. People may say that I’m suck at it. But eat it up! I don’t care what people said though, I just do what I like.
  3. Subjectively I thought that SLR is static private asset. It will be rusty when the SC (shutter count) reach its age. When it does and we don’t repair it (for a mil) then its price will jump down to bottom.
  4. I love backpacking. Although I do not go as many as before in college time, I need camera that easy to use, portable, do not have the “I-have-to-teach-slr-to-people-who-passing-by-if-i-do-not-bring-tripod” problem, can slip to our pocket, and still decent enough to capture memorable moment.
  5. I need the margin money.
  6. I do not have time to bring a bag full of SLR package and try it out any time.
  7. I do not have many chances to get photos as many as before.
  8. I am just an amateur photographer who loves to take a picture.

Shortly, I’m just an amateur. I do not go backpack as much as the old days, but when I do… I need decent digital camera to capture that moments. Lastly, I just love to shot. Yes, yes, yes, point and shot camera, welcome to my life.


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  1. maruplayground berkata:

    N8 jadi asik karena dualitasnya sebagai kamera dan hape. Beli lumia aja ki, hehe.

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