Sayonara, Mr Canonian

Every journey has its beginning and its ending, and now that ending has came to him.

It’s not official yet, but I’ll give you spoiler for what I’ll offer to kaskus Loekeloe:


Canon EOS 500D

SC around 30k

Kit Lens (IS 18-55mm)

Prime Lens EF 50mm f 1.8 II + datascript guarantee for next 10 months AKA only 2 months years old

Body Screen protector (around 100k)

no SD card.

no scratch, no fungi.

Box, cables (include charger), books, dvds original still saved

Starting 5.5M. If you don’t bargain too much I’ll give you :

  • Lowerpro medium bag
  • Flash external – using 4 AA batteries
  • Pop-up (flash spreader, 4 colours pack – white, blue, yellow, pink) (75k)
  • Anti-UV

Sell cause : Although it’s still in the good shape, I don’t go out/backpack too much these days. Need something more portable

Photos will be included later, PM me if you’re interested or contact 085624282532. Can be COD ready while it’s still in Bandung. First call First Serve



NB. for kaskus link


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