Screw you 2011, wilkommen 2012

This year wasn’t that bad. May be we should call it “Long Vacation” from God :p yep, just like those dorama by Kimura Takuya in mid 90.

Deeper and Deeper

There were days
When we used to lounge
Hangin’ out in my car
Till the sun went down

When I’d call
you’d pick up the phone
Tell me how much
and you were alone

*Let’s get deep

**If I ever broke down
gave you what I felt now
Would you still hang around

Are we crazy for feeling this way
You used to laugh until you cried
You and I keeping the world at bay
We’d sit around all day

Let’s get deep

Closer and closer
every time we turn around
you’ll never be lonely
I’ll keep you beside me
Deeper and deeper
I’ll never go away

Sun falls torrential you highness
I’m thinkin’ about the days we left behind us
Sunshine and rain and misery
I’ll lookin’ at you beside me here
now I don’t know how
you came into my life wonderin’ will you be my wife
spend a day or two in Spain or France
in the rain we’ll dance
Your heart next to mine beatin’
in the rain let me explain
Let me do my thing and tell you how I feel
this love is for real

Summer’s finally found us,
the children playing in the sun
baby can’t you see our time has come
turning on my radio
I hear the song, and see your face
cause you are the one I can’t replace

I would give in
learn to depend
That I’ll be there
until the end

Closer and closer
everytime we turn around
you’ll never be lonely
I’ll keep you beside me
Deeper and deeper
I’ll never go away

Being dumped horribly in this early year and then mourned by loafing around for almost 4 months in my colleagues’ rent house made me looked so screw up this year. I hate to blame those things for my late graduation actually but deep down I am grateful that I had to experience those moments. Thanks to that, I realized that I’ve lost something; my senses of friendship all those past two years and my own dreams. Got hyped pursuit my dreams in late second year, and then screwed up by a woman. Woman, eh? can’t live without them.

I’m not regret it actually, I was glad that I’ve enjoyed my youth to the fullest. Fourth year? Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s call it “BACKPACKS DAYS” :

  • Rafting di sungai Cisangkuy+ hot spring cipanas , Garut
  • Pantai Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi
  • Curug Surade, Sukabumi
  • Pangumbahan pelepasan anak penyu, Sukabumi
  • Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi
  • Kuil ratu? + pendopo Nyi Roro Kidul?, Sukabumi. Wew, this place gave me creep
  • Green Canyon, Garut
  • Moko Daweung, Bandung
  • Kepulauan Seribu (Pulau Tidung), Jakarta
  • South East Asia Trip
Got new friends all over the place, and some enemies too maybe? (I messed around with “polisi cepek” over and over, How dare they suddenly show up in front of Indomaret and take our money).

What’s wrong with this year resolution?

  • Being six packs in a year
  • Graduate fast and chase the ERASMUS/KAIST scholarship
Maybe because many things happened, plan has changed. Maybe what my friend said is true…

 “You may set your dream as high as possible, but you actually should limit it for your own consciousness”.

Or we just said it “we need mission”?

Oh, crap! 2012 will come in a sec, so let’s go to the point…


Let’s pray for our success this time

Resolution? Simple ones :

Being more responsible and dependable. Stop blaming and whining. Get over the past, and make brand new years.

Six packs? ahahaha maybe we should reduce it to “just flat”. <– watch out super training every day detected!

To anyone who got hurt by me this whole year. Gomen nasai

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! 2012, here we come 🙂

PS.  Hope England, City/Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Juventus be the champions next year!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Asop berkata:

    Hmmm, saya setuju kalo Juve jadi juara musim depan, karena saya juventini. 😀

    Tapiiii saya Liverpuldian. 😀

    Tak lupa, Mari terus berdoa, semoga di tahun masehi yang baru ini kita semua tetap diberi kesehatan, tetap bisa berkumpul bersama keluarga, semoga segala urusan pekerjaan maupun akademis kita dilancarkan, dan kita berharap semoga di tahun 2012 ini umur kita selalu diberkahi oleh Allah SWT. Aamiin! 🙂

    1. Rizky berkata:

      yo juventini! All hail om conte!

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