Mylo Xyloto ~ Princess of China

Just into this song lately… or this album… or it’s just because I like coldplay hahaha… Although sometimes their lyrics and music arrangements are a bit unusual (weird). Mungkin lagu ini bakal jadi single ketiga album ini setelah every teardrops is waterfall dan paradise.

Coldplay Ft Rihanna – Princess Of China (Mylo Xyloto)

Once upon a time somebody ran
Somebody ran away saying as fast as I can
I got to
I got to go

Once upon a time we fell apart
You’re holding in your
The two halves of my heart

Once upon a time
We weren’t right

All we ever seemed to do is fight
On and on
And on and on and on

upon a time on the same side
Once upon a time on the same side
In the same game

Why’d you have to go
Have to go and throw it all in my face

I could’ve been a
princess, you’d be a king
Could have had a castle and wore a ring
But no
let me go


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