Minifikasi JS

Minifikasyong JavaScript..

Mini mini mini mini…

Dear js files,

why are you so big,

why are you so much big just because we add you some white spaces, indentation, and new lines.

Enough with those craps,

we don’t have enough time to minificate you,

I was always saying that people should minificate you, but..

but if I minificate you right away, then I could not be able to read you anymore

without white spaces,

without tabs,

without indentations,

without any newlines,

ironic actually, we who gave you birth don’t need to read you, but customer

so why are you whining now?

It is about us or them

let us hope that we have time to minificate you

so that people can be happy forever and always…



One Comment Add yours

  1. otidh berkata:

    kalo udah mau dideploy baru bikin yg vversi minifikasi aja … kalo masih development ya ngga usah

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