Mungkin ada yang tertarik main werewolf? Ada yang tahu? Ini gw repost dari sini sebagai dokumentasi pribadi dengan sedikit modifikasi. Ada game onlinenya loh di kongregate, niat juga ya. Menurut saya game ini seperti turunan, atau malah game aslinya algojo-maling-hakim. Bagaimana cara bermain werewolf? Silakan disimak.

I am aware there are plenty of new people daily coming into werewolf, here’s a guide that explains a few things.

First, how to play:
You will be told your role at the start of the game by a moderator. There are a werewolf, villager, and seer. Moderator can choose any method to do this.

(Penduduk) Villagers: Your goal as a villager is to find the werewolves and kill them before they outnumber or equal the number of villagers remaining. To choose to kill, click on their name on the board and you will vote that person to be killed. The person with the most votes gets lynched. If you are dead you can no longer vote. The game will end either when all werewolves are killed or the werewolves remaining outnumber or equal the number of villagers. This will include the overnight kill. You will still receive the same coins as a seer or villager even if you have died.

(Oracle/peramal) Seers: You are sided with the villagers. During the night you may click on one person to see if they are a werewolf or not. In the alt version it will also reveal evil alt roles. Your main job is to find both werewolves at night before you get killed. When you die you can no longer divine people. People who have been divined cannot be infected. The information you get as seer is your choice for what you do with it; however, you may not help the werewolves as a seer.

(Serigala) Werewolves: Your job is to try to kill the villagers without getting killed.  All werewolves will win so long as at least one werewolf is still alive at the end of the game. You may chat with your partner in the WW chat that will be located at the bottom center of the screen. If there are 6-7 people playing: there will be only 1 werewolf. If there are 8 or more people playing: there will be 2 werewolves max. In order to kill as a werewolf, you click on the name of the person you want to kill at night.

A few useful mechanics:
-In normal werewolf, 6-7 people= 1 werewolf, 8+ people= 2 werewolves.
-In alt: 6-8 people= no alt roles, 9-11 people= 1 Good alt role, 12-14 people= 1 Good alt role and 1 Evil alt role, 15+ people= 2 Good alt roles and 1 Evil role.

Good alt for example : medic, can heal anyone

Flawed strategies:
~~Certain strategies seem to circulate which are hardly true, here is the truth about it.
-Werewolves are not always silent.
-The first person to vote is not always a werewolf. In fact, many a time the seer does this too.
-A person can be a werewolf or seer more than once in multiple games. You can be a werewolf multiple times in a row, same with seer.
-Not everyone lies, keep track of who does and who doesn’t.
-People voting back does not make them a werewolf.
-Seer does not get a divination on the night they die.
-If you are seer, the person you were divining when killed by werewolves is hardly guaranteed to be a werewolf.
-If you die the night after voting someone, the person you were voting is not always a werewolf.
-If you randomly vote a werewolf, the people who didn’t vote that person aren’t necessarily a werewolf.
-In a tie, the werewolf is definitely not guaranteed to die.

Some useful strategies:
-Listen to people, so long as they don’t sit there and shout random accusations.
-Keep count of how many nights the seer got to divine, some seers will sit there and randomly accuse after death.
-If you’re hoping to avoid suspicion as werewolf, try not to act much differently than normal.
-Don’t get over excited or over emotional about the game, it just makes people dislike you.
-When you die as seer, only give out information based on your findings, do not randomly accuse without reason.
-It is not a good idea to random vote as seer, it could get you killed faster than necessary.
-When you’re seer, you should hold your role secret over trying to save one villager from death.
-Don’t tell them you’re seer when being voted for lynching to prevent death, it just means you don’t die that day. (You will most likely die that night and still not get that next divination.)


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  1. maruplayground berkata:

    kirain ngomongin werewolfnya teen wolf, ato TVD, ato supernatural, ato twilight, eh eh eh ternyata, ck ck.

  2. Asop berkata:

    Baru denger. 😀

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