Advice to create ambigrams

1. Have fun, be patient, don’t expect miracles (for a while). I discovered the ability to create ambigrams by playing with words. If you keep a playful attitude, you may discover something even better than ambigrams, and that would be your personal specialty.

2. Study and draw conventional letterforms. When you’re doodling while you’re talking on the phone, draw letters. The more familiar you become with knowing, understanding and loving conventional letters, the better you will become at creating unconventional letters. You’ll know exactly how much manipulation you can get away with and how to know when you’ve gone too far.

3. When a word or a name you’re trying to make into an ambigram seems impossible, or if the result is too hard to read or hideously ugly, don’t call it an ambigram. Call it trash and throw it away. For the first year, just keep looking for words that will cooperate, not forcing words that won’t. The longer you use that approach, the more words will cooperate.

4. Never force the ambigram into any pre-conceived style. I tell all the people commissioning ambigrams that the style of an ambigram is almost 100% determined by the manipulations required to make it readable and aesthetically harmonious.


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