The Platinum Rules

Barney’s Platinum Rules from How I Met Your Mother
“Never, never, never submit/love thy neighbour”
  1. Attraction : step when one’s get attracted
  2. Bargaining : step when one start to admit
  3. Submission : step when the other give a chance to thou
  4. Perks : golden age
  5. Tipping Point : turning point
  6. Purgatory : when one realize that you have made a huge mistake, but you have to live with it
  7. Confrontation : when one start to confront with other
  8. Fallout : game is over
  9. Co-Existence : not every platinum rules reach this stage, it’s the co existence, when these people can awkwardly still being together

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ceetrul berkata:

    kagak pahammm

    1. rizky berkata:

      hoho, memang sedikit roaming

  2. maruplayground berkata:

    Itu kamu ambil dari episode mana ki?

    btw barney kan “I have only one rule. New is always better”

    1. rizky berkata:

      episode platinum rules season 4. btw barney akan selalu mengatakan “I only have one rule..” setiap kali nyebutin rules dia

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