Where are you now?

Some of my friends went to Japan. Some went to Korea. Some win several achievement in programming competition or software design competition. One of my friend have set his mind to multimedia, even he has his own production house company now. Some of my close friends also build their IT company. Some friend around me decide to step up to be candidate of council of this institute’s president. Other friends of mine from different faculty made their own e-commerce business. Some of my friend had choosen to be model united nation students. Some of my friends have graduated now. Some of my friends has their pride to take a fastrack program so that they can accelerate having their master degree. One of my friends has ambition to take project offer as much as possible to gain money from them. Some of my friends had won robot contest in national level and now they compete in higher level, in United States of America.

In the other hand some of my friends decided to drop out from this institute. Some of my friends failed in many courses and some of them tried to take the course in the next chance. Some of my friends decide to take everything slowly. Some people around me decide to waste their time, live their hedonism life, and play as much as they want to. Some of them choose to enjoy their youth.

Where are you now? What have you done so far?


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