Canonian#2#3 Macro lens’ effect with 18-55mm IS lens

I found some articles in internet to do great effect like macro lens just using 18-55mm IS lens. I’ve forgot the source but I do remember how to do that. I recently checked up the method using my Canon Rebel EOS 500D. I’m new to this photography things, you know. But, I always want to learn something new.

Okay, to the point :

  1. Set the priority to AV
  2. Set the F-Stop to F/5.6
  3. Set Focal Length (zoom it in) to 55mm
  4. Set no flash
  5. Take it at distance around an inch

Maybe that’s all simple.

Here some samples I took some days ago in ITB’s front gate

Model : Canon EOS 500D
F-Stop : F/5.6
Exposure Time : 1/80 sec
Exposure Bias : 0 under
ISO Speed : ISO-160
Focal Length : 55mm
Flash : no
Distanct to focused object : around 1 inch
Aperture Priority
Canonian#2 macroeffect 1
Canonian#3 Macro Effect 2

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