myisam to innodb


One thing that sucks really bad with MyISAM is table level locking which can cause some serious issues at times when INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE load is very high. If you are experiencing problems in your application associated with locking, try converting your tables to InnoDB.

I was asked today a question as to how one can convert a MyISAMtable to InnoDB. I will blog about it in detail later but for right now here’s one way:

-ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE = InnoDB;

and here’s another way:

– dump the table to a SQL file
– change table type from MyISAM to InnoDB in the dumped file
– disable keys (to speed up the process)
– SET AUTOCOMMIT to 0 (for speeding up the process)
– load the table
– enable keys (the index is rebuilt at this point)

One is preferred over the other based on various factors such as time limit in which the conversion must be done.

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  1. mobil88 berkata:

    Anda luar biasa, teruslah menulis !!

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