the volume is dirty…

cold bandung.. 9/5/09 : heyho..

I’ve been stuck with one of my hardisk, Z:/ . Maybe it started since that time. Once upon time, the curse came upon me one by one, maybe because i’ve secretly dated accompanied someone to cine in mind :). God didn’t allow me to do that. Haha, i’m no good afterall.

The first curse came!! I’ve lost my wallet, doh!! I don’t care so much about the money 😦 but seriously it’s harder to handle the lost card: SIM A, SIM C, KTP, ATM1, ATM2(KTM), and STNK.

The next curse was when later I opened the notebook, something terrible happened! On my z:/ hardisk when I tried to copy or to save or to make a new folder into that drive, It gave me warning like this:

The operation could not be completed because the volume is dirty.  
Please run chkdsk and try again.

And the worst case was i’m in the middle of project war. I had 6 big task in my desk!! damn!! I mourned allover the day and did nothing. In the end I was desperately wanted to format the Z: disk… but something in my mind, I was still in the middle of war, so i decided to format the disk when the deadline was over because the data i stored was there.

I stopped sighing do something better: report the lost to police officer, block the ATM card, and remake the card. Unfortunately I failed to keep it secret from my mom the only one who would be anxious. I tried not to lost focus, forget about that person and… many good things came over and over. I didn’t run away, I didn’t give up, I just tried to calm myself down!

Hehehe.. I’m not talk about myself okay… here the solution :

do as your warning say: run > cmd > write

chkdsk /f

don’t forget the /f part, okay?? It dismount that partition of hardisk for a while and mount it again. When it’s over my problem is solved.

Thanks to Jiwaw who gave me the suggestion and the big task deadline which delayed me to format the disk. Hope it solved your problem too.


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