Hackintosh, wanna?

some of my friends have transformed their desktop or their notebook to hackintosh. What’s that? of course you will thinks that you’ve heard of it.  That’s right. It’s a macintos OS like and run (well?) on your un”mac” desktop or notebook. wow, it’d be great to have your OS looks like macintosh.

When somebody ask like, “what’s your computer?”

You can proudly answer, “hackintosh…”

“Hackintosh? is that macintosh things? wow they’re great!!”

“So.. So…” hihihi.. I think most of your friend will be deceived actually.

Besides the visual looks on hack and the brand of mac, there’s a damn difficult thing to look after the drivers. Bcoz It’s not installed on the appropriate computer. It will be difficult to search all over the maya world the driver match with hackintosh. Er.. Most of them have desperately looked after the drivers. They usually miss vga and souncaard drivers. Hm.. that would be a great loss.

But there’s one thing I can sure about it. If you will finally make over your desktop or notebook into Hack. You’ll have a super pleasure in the end. The effort you have wasted to search the driver will be paid back!!


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  1. Jiwo berkata:

    “wow, it’d be great to have your OS looks like macintosh.”

    it’s a real macintosh…

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