ayaya… everybody left me behind.. why there’s so much website which faster, faster, faster, and faster lately ? Looks like everybody make a change, make a maintenance. Look at Yahoo!Mail now, do you think it’s faster now and have some new feature even for classic view?  Look at Plurk, how fast does the comment be transfered? And finally, hola facebook!!!

ayaya.. it seems those site start to think a new way to become faster. Because people like a reliable, fast and furious information!! The idea was to make the transfer data being minimilized. If you’ve known OSI layer, there’s a long way for your computer client to send a request packages or for server to send back your requested packages. So why don’t we stop ask the server to send any unnecessary data, bcoz it consumes much time?

Then, just ask the necessary data as much as you need. Your computer save it on your cache memmory. The important things is the update information. The site is designed to be updated partially. So your computer have only to send the wanted information. For example, you ask someone a car, e.g  Old Honda Civic. Then the server people send you each package simultaneously : the body, the tires, the machine, the accesories, etc. Several years later you ask the new version of civic. Then the server people don’t need to send it back the whole part of the car. They just send the body part which the sender need.

ayaya.. ajax..ajax..ajax.. everybody talk about it. What’s wrong with this ajax? Ajax : asynchronous Java Script and XML. Whoa that’s look familiar and the google agree with me. Actually you don’t have to fear the unknown AJax because you will understand easily( 😆 it’s what w3schools.com said though…huh..).

Ajax use the stanndard language of:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Javascript

See?  it’s look simple. Yeah, I’ve tried to learn it a bit. And of course…!!! I’m not fully understand 😀 . I don’t know why it’s called Asynchronous, but I hope there’s no relationship with “SISTEM DIGITAL” which I have phobia with!!

Because I’ve stuck learn it along the nite, So there’s impossible if you’re not fully understand XML, so I started learn XML.

XML is not a substitution of HTML, remember that! XML is about how to transfer and to store data, while HTML is about how to displey the data. The concept of using XML is the partitioning the template and the data. All the data is packaged into XML. So HTML can fully concern about the looks of the site.

Hey, WWW Consorsium really recommend you to use this XML things, you have to know that!

But because it’s about transfering and storing data, it need something to show those datas in web. Javascript!! Crap, I’m not also fully understand how javascript works.Whew, it seems I have a long way to go to “learn AJAX” phase.

Ayaya.. I want to learn these, I wanna learn those, I wanna learn everything.. networking, database, security, web programming.. mmhhh…. come on baby!!


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