error: mysql service not started [-1] (xampp)

I’ve been using xampp 1.6.6 when I posted this.

There’s some problems with xampp on windows caused by its firewall. It seems that some files which are hidden can’t be deleted everytimes you uninstall xampp in order to reinstall with the newer version of Xampp. After the second installation you’ll see the first sign of the problems.

:::: some files fail to be installed ::::

Then you’ll see the fact that mysql doesn’t work properly and show this message:

error: mysql service not started [-1]

So after the google-izationing I’ve found the solution:

Go to Start -> Run
type cmd and press enter

This will bring you to the command prompt. Type “sc delete MySql” and hit enter. It will give you some sort of confirmation saying the service has been deleted.

This will delete MySql as a service. For some reason, XAMPP for Windows has problems running MySQL as a service, so do not check that box. Also, when you click the “Admin” link from the XAMPP control panel, it attempts to start MySQL as a service as well. Just don’t do that. Any settings you need to change for MySQL should be modified by changing the config files directly with your favorite text editor, or you should be able to use PHPMyAdmin.

Hope this helps.

Source: here

13 pemikiran pada “error: mysql service not started [-1] (xampp)

  1. syair qalbi :

    aduh..masih belum bisa selesaikannya .. keluar error [SC] OpenServices Failed 5:

    coba dicek deh di xampp-nya apakah SVC nya dicentang atau nggak? sebaiknya svc jangan di centang. Because it’s work without SVC. Saya sendiri nggak ngerti apa guna dari SVC(services) di xampp

    • coba klik start > ketik cmd . . terus cmd.exe nya run as administrator , coba ketik lagi “sc delete mysql” nya (tanpa kutip) . .

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