cmd vs terminal

command prompt windows vs terminal unix. Unix almost has the similar command as windows.

No. Linux Windows
1 command –help command /h, command /?
2 man command help command
3 cp copy
4 rm del
5 mv move
6 mv ren
7 more, less, cat type
8 lpr print
9 rm -R deltree
10 ls dir
11 cd cd
12 mkdir md
13 rmdir rd
14 route route print
15 traceroute –I tracert
16 ping ping
17 ifconfig ipconfig


  1. help, /h, /?:    show short description about some command and its parameters
  2. manual:  show detail description of one command.
  3. copy file
  4. delete file
  5. move file
  6. mv, ren: rename file
  7. type: displays the contents of file text
  8. print: print file into printer device
  9. deltree: delete folder and its contents
  10. displays files and subdirectories in a directory
  11. cd: change directory
  12. md, mkdir: make directory
  13. rd,rmdir: remove directory
  14. route print: Display the routing table
    The command route serves to define static routes, to erase routes
    or simply to see the state of the routes.
  15. Show the route that the packets follow to reach the machine
    “host”. Example: tracert
  16. Verify the contact with the machine “host”
    Example: ping
  17. ipconfig, ifconfig: Display information on the active interfaces (ethernet, ppp, etc.)

Okay, that’s it. thx for kunz and the sources(hacker_highscool)


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  1. ndunks berkata:

    thanks.. its usefull 🙂

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