7 beta is more stable

I’ve been using seven beta to replace my ubuntu for a while. I think this beta is stable. If you’ve tried the previous microsoft made beta version such as vista longhorn beta, or XP beta, you’ll see the differences.

This beta version of seven has some great point. You can imagine that its performance is as good as XP while its interface is as cool as vista. You can see some great effect(of course it costs your memory) like a pop up thumbnail icon at the taskbar. The sidebar which is adjusted as the standard of vista interface isn’t there. It’s great because sidebar consumes much memory. But you still can add it if you want to.

I think there’s only small part of this beta version which have to be took after. Some of programs still incompatible with this version although they say it will be work on the official release party.

Beside that, its beta version has good improvement. The UAC(user account control) now has more options. You can choose how strong the UAC have to control the changing of your system. It consume approximately 13 GB of your systems, like I said before, 7 is between XP and vista. I hope that the official released will be as good as this.

Welcome 7.


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