go in and out from freebsd(vmware)

okay, some ages ago.. I’ve told you the story about how to install freeBSD via vmware, let’s play a bit in these next days..

  • let’s start with running the vmware machine.
  • Set configure the source of vmware(either you use file image/ .iso or CD).
  • you’ll see the booting menu
  • after booting, you’ll see the authentification user login form. If you wanna go as guest(I recommend you do this) or login as root, which those password and user have set firstly on the installation.
      • user: ???
      • password: ???
  • Okay then the entering phase has completed…
  • if you have finished playing on it, let shut it down
  • type:
      • exit
  • login as root
      • user: root
      • password : ????
  • as root you can shutdown(and turn off the hardware/vmware machine) pefectly with this:
      • shutdown -p now
  • or maybe you just wanna reboot(still as root), use this:
      • shutdown -r now

okay, that’s it for today:

  1. you have succesfully enter the freeBSD via vmware
  2. you have succesfully login as a root
  3. you have succesfully shutdown as a root



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