swap partition

it’s good for you to auto learning from book, from googles, or anywhere. But, sometimes you need to ask the GURU for advance advice. I’ve got the curse for happily toying with my ACER notebook. I try Ubuntu ever since last year, and I’ve got no problem from this distro.

There’s one thing that make me curious. When I was dualing my Vista with Ubuntu in the first time, I found something that i didn’t understand. But, this young gun never listened to the angel. I’ve just installed it ignored the warning.

It said,”Are you really sure wanna install Ubuntu with this configuration? remember you haven’t make a swap partition!”

Well, for the first time, I thought My notebook would explode, but it didn’t.” Whoa!! my ubuntu worked! Lately, I wonder what swap partition in linux’s distro made for? So, I google it. And what I’ve found surprisingly shocked me. Swap partition works as either to increase the performance of the OS or as replacement of memory.


It means that someday when I put some applications that needs high amount of memory usage my computer system will collapses. So hear my suggestion:

Don’t ever forget to set the swap partition!!!

For technical setting about swap partition you can see this link


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